Multi Level Networking for Beginners

MLM marketing experts know that in order for their businesses to work, they must have the drive to see their ideas to fruition. As a beginning in networking, you need the drive and love for the product you want to sell in order to convince others that they should also sell under your umbrella, and therefore become one of your "levels". Unless you have that passion, success will pass you.

Why have you chosen MLM marketing, also known as multi level marketing: what was the appeal that prompted you to sign under a mentor? Is it because you want to set your own work schedule to have time to pursue other favorite interests, or activities with family? Maybe you enjoy working with people and, as an extrovert, love to assist others in improving their lives. The product you've decided to market must have the right effect on you in order for you to want to build a career around it, and when people see how much you love what you do, the purpose of MLM marketing becomes much clearer.

Very likely you entered the MLM marketing world through somebody already earning success with the product, and that is fine. You have seen for yourself the results of their labor, and that no doubt drives your desire to do well. There is always potential for bringing in money through sales - you need only learn what you must initially invest, then take control of your work. Prepare a script for seminars, set up a blog or website, and be bold. Invite people to learn more.

Next comes the fun part: introducing people to something great. You will grow your network through a detailed expose of the product, pointing out the great benefits involved in using and selling. Your enthusiasm is the key to winning a viral network. No matter the state of the economy, people are always in need of ideas and progress in health and self-improvement, and when jobs seems scarce there is no reason not to create your own.

To succeed in your MLM marketing business, you must believe you can succeed in selling not only the product, but selling people on the product as their future as well.

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Make Money In Internet Marketing

Is the Internet a Big Hype or is it For Real? Is it really a great marketing tool?

Is it really possible for someone to sell to 45 million people on the Internet? Are you really allowed to advertise? Of all those so call marketers, are there any making great sales? How do customers find you on the internet? Is it possible for anyone to work on the internet from home and make money on the net?

There are quite a few marketers that are making great money on the Internet. They are doing so well that they don't feel they have to announce it. If there is a market, you can make money, but it does have a learning curve if you are willing to pay the price. These marketers have paid the price and do not feel they have anything to hide, because they know that most want to bees are not willing to pay the price.

You hear people from everywhere that marketing is a scam, they try it and all that happen was that they lost money and time. What happened to these people is what happens to others in any other endeavor, they don' follow the system. The simply fail to follow or do not know the system and the right principles. Like I said before, in any field there is a price to pay in the learning, and all learning requires research, participation and time.

Some of the mistakes on the net in regards to selling are in the practices, such as:

* Very large graphics
* Poor designs
* Colors that make the text hard to read
* Glorified brochures
* It is all about the owner and not the customer's problems

So, you are wondering if your business can benefit from marketing on the web. If success was the guarantee everyone would jump in, but like in everything - there is no guarantee. There is a criteria for anyone interested to work on the internet, it appeals to:

* A big segment of educated males under 40
* A wide geographic audience
* Informed customers
* Customers looking for a greater price
* The customer's need for more information.
* The entrepreneur who wants to work on the internet from home and make money on the net.

In today's society, anyone with a computer and internet connections can find just about anyone or research anything their mind desires. This modern technology of the internet is huge and growing in leaps and bounds. Though it may appear scary, it is very friendly and improves each month with huge amounts of financial exchanges every daily.

Technology advances every day, and it gets easier and easier to navigate. This World-Wide-Web has taken commerce and set it into a whole different plateau. What is so awesome is that it's becoming easier for newbies to create and surf any site and purchase anything they want anywhere in the world. The simplicity at its best; enter a URL and it connects to that specific site - instantly. If you like that site, save it, and you will not have to surf for it anymore, just save it on your "bookmark".

Is that not AWESOME!

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Why Network Marketers Should Love Autoresponders

Business owners of any kind, whether it is a conventional business or a network marketing business, should have an effective email marketing system that includes an autoresponder. Once you understand what an autoresoponder is and what it is capable of doing for you, you will definitely love this amazing piece of automated marketing technology! (By the way, I hope you consider yourself a business owner and treat your MLM or Network Marketing business as such! If you haven't looked at yourself in this light, start right now.)

What is an autoresponder, you ask? It is an online tool which collects names and email addresses, then automatically follows up with those specific individuals in any way you want, once you program it to do so.

Don't be afraid of the term "program"; all I am speaking about is setting up follow-up correspondence in the form of pre-written, content-rich emails that you write beforehand, then set up a schedule for them to be sent out. That schedule is completely handled by the autoresponder, so once you write and schedule the sequence, your work is done!

Realize that the autoresponder, although handling contacts en masse, treats each contact as an individual. Let me explain through a series of examples:

· On Monday, 3 people opt in to receive your free offer that takes the form of relevant information in a report, audio or video. You have set your autoresponder up so that instantly they receive a welcome email on that first day.

· On Tuesday, 5 people opt in. They get that welcome email #1, and the 3 people from Monday receive email #2.

· On Wednesday, 4 more people opt in. They get email #1, the 5 people from Tuesday get email #2, and the 3 people from Monday don't get anything because you chose to schedule email #3 to go out on day 4.

· On Thursday, 7 people opt in. They get email #1, the 4 from Wednesday get email #2, the 5 from Tuesday get no email, and the 3 from Monday get email #3.

... and so on.

The advantages to autoresponder technology in generating leads for your network marketing business are plentiful:

· It puts the task of following up with your network marketing leads on autopilot, thereby freeing up your time that would otherwise be spent contacting each person individually.

· It will help you identify the people who are ready to get started in your network marketing business now versus the people who are still in the information gathering stage.

· It will create "top of mind consciousness" with the information gatherers, those who are interested in what you have to offer but are not yet ready to move forward. By continually providing them with quality information about your product, service or opportunity, when they are ready to take action, they will think of you first and join your network marketing business because through these well-written emails you have sent to them at regular intervals, you have positioned yourself as the expert.

Be sure to incorporate into each of your follow-up emails a call to action with a link to get on your waiting list, or if you have a great front end product that you are promoting to fund your network marketing lead generation efforts, provide a link for that product. A call to action is a group of words that urges the reader to take action. This way, the conversion from information-gathering prospect to now buyer and/or network marketing downline business builder is practically effortless on your part.

In summation, network marketers should love autoresponders because it enables you to organize and maintain your list of interested leads and follow up with them in a systematic, organized way that takes very little effort on your part. In other words, once you set up the desired sequence, the autoresponder does the follow-up for you.

Learn more about MLM recruiting techniques by checking out what Denise Martino is doing. These valuable techniques are what enabled her to go from just a really loyal preferred customer in her organizations to an extremely successful network marketer. Follow her blog where she regularly posts content that will help you explode your MLM business!

MLM Recruiting Techniques - Why Traditional Methods Fail

The other day I was researching the internet for MLM recruiting techniques. I've been in and around this business long enough to know what the usual suspects were as far as recommended recruiting techniques are concerned, so I wanted to see what else has come along in the years since I was first introduced to MLM and techniques in MLM recruiting.

Much to my surprise and chagrin, I found that many of the MLM recruiting techniques were the same as they were over ten years ago, when I first got involved in the MLM and network marketing industry! Let's review just a couple of these techniques and break them down so you can understand why, if you are using them, you are probably not as successful as you thought you would be by now:

MLM Recruiting Technique #1: Warm market. Anyone who has been involved in MLM and its recruiting techniques for ANY length of time (and I do mean ANY, including only one day) knows this tired old recommendation. Make a list of friends, family and co-workers, and share your business opportunity with them. One blog I read stated the reason why this is so effective is that you have the benefit of pre-established trust. That, in my opinion, is the main reason it is not effective at all! You try to come across as wanting to "share" an opportunity with the ones you love; however, let's face it - the bottom line is you are trying to sell them on the business so you can make money. You have no idea if they are truly qualified to run a business such as this, and if they fail, your warm prospect will most likely run cold. I speak from experience; for a while after my first attempt at MLM recruiting, several close friends avoided me like the plague, or if they didn't, they had that blank, distant stare with the big wall up between us every time I struck up a conversation that wasn't completely personal and light-hearted. As I've mentioned before, I am involved in a few network marketing companies; with each successive one I joined, I've avoided this recruiting technique like the plague, no matter how hard my upline pushed me to do it.

MLM Recruiting Technique #2: Local prospecting, or cold market recruiting. This has to be by far the toughest and most ineffective, yet also most common method that has been passed down repeatedly throughout the MLM/Network marketing industry. In this MLM recruiting technique you are told to get business cards, carry them with you at all times, and strike up a conversation with everyone you come in contact with in the course of your day, from your bank teller, to the barista at your local Starbucks, to the gas station attendant filling up your car. Make it brief, don't tell the whole story; just pique their interest enough so that they want to learn more. Make yourself look very busy with not a lot of time to discuss it then and there, but set up an appointment when you can meet. Wow, where do I begin with all that is wrong with this MLM recruiting gem?!

First, they give you no solid guidelines for creating a business card. The stock models they supply you with violate all the rules of lead generation marketing; they are useless. They are nothing more than an image ad. We, as individual network marketers, do not have large enough advertising budgets like Nike, for example, to advertise only our image without any information offered or call to action for the prospect to take the next step towards becoming your customer or, in our case, a member of your network marketing downline. This type of marketing is extremely ineffective for our purposes.

Second, when actually recruiting for your MLM business, how many of you are truly an expert at opening up a conversation and finding out a complete stranger's deepest desires or worst problems that they need a solution for, within 5 minutes? If you are, are you also able to convince them that you are the one with the answer to all their issues in that same 5 minutes? If you do that regularly as well, are you able to set up a future appointment with them to tell them about the great opportunity you have before those 5 minutes are up? If you accomplish that on a consistent basis, please think about how many people actually show up for this presentation. Be honest. How well has this recruiting technique worked for you? I'm sure many people will say that this technique is their bread and butter, that is how they got hundreds in their downline, and that it works, to which I say, congratulations! It is not an easy task, and the average person cannot accomplish all those MLM recruiting steps with any solid repeatable significance. To those that do, though, I pose these questions to you: Is it really an efficient recruiting technique for your MLM business? Does it mostly depend on you and the time you spend with each potential downline member? If it does, how much time are you dedicating to this, and what is your conversion rate? Is it worth all the time you spend on it?

Once again, and this is my opinion only, but it bears repeating that those are two of the biggest MLM recruiting techniques which I see as an equation for failure. "So Denise," you ask, "what MLM recruiting techniques DO you recommend? I just don't know what else to do besides that, that's what MLM recruiting is all about, sharing the business opportunity with anyone and everyone!" Well, I'm glad you asked. In my MLM recruiting system, I remove myself from the equation until the right moment, when I know I will be spending time only with qualified leads. For the rest of it, I use automated lead generating systems that take me out of the equation and provide me with more free time to do other, more productive tasks, and/or spend quality time with my loved ones.

Which leads me to this wonderful news: there are better, more efficient ways to recruit for your MLM business. Thanks to technology and the internet, as I already mentioned, most of it can be completely automated so you are free to do other things, and I will be revealing the components of this automated system in future articles.

Stay tuned for other articles where I will point out the problems with MLM and Network Marketing recruiting and give you solutions so that you too can become a successful network marketer.

Learn more about MLM recruiting techniques by checking out what Denise Martino is doing. These valuable techniques are what enabled her to go from just a really loyal preferred customer in her organizations to an extremely successful network marketer. Follow her blog where she regularly posts content that will help you explode your MLM business!

Habits of Successful Business People

1. They exercise an attitude of gratitude regardless of their circumstances: If you don't appreciate what you have now, how will you appreciate your success in the future?

2. They find opportunities where others may not see any: Recognise an opportunity when it comes your way and don't be afraid to take it, even if you are not expecting it.

3. They value their friends and family and spend time with them: Success doesn't mean anything if you don't value and spend time with your friends and family.

4. They are able to control their emotions, when experiencing success and failure: Whether you are experiencing great highs or lows, if you learn to manage your emotions you will have greater clarity.

5. They are able to change direction and are not afraid to do so in order to get to where they want to be in life: Nothing stays the same, be prepared to change direction and make changes in order to get results and gain success.

6. They are creative: Creative people think out of the box and allow themselves to use their individual talents to enhance what they do.

7. They spend time doing the right things at the right time: They understand that time is a resource and use it well. Focus on what will give you the greater result.

8. They are lifelong learners, and invest time in developing and increasing their knowledge: Spend time in your own self development, never stop learning and find people that can inspire you and take you to the next level.

9. They understand that money is a resource: They understand that money is important because of what it can do; they don't love money in itself.

10. They spend time financially planning: Spend time in your financial affairs, plan, organise and take control of your finances.

11. They are methodical in creating their success: Set Goals and work towards them.

12. They keep good company and do not hang around with people who are toxic: Don't hang around with company that brings you or your vision down.

13. They are careful who they tell their dreams and visions too: Be careful who you tell your dreams to; they won't have the same mindset as you and maybe negative.

14. They work hard: You will need to work hard, it sounds obvious but success does not come to lazy people.

15. They are able to take calculated risks: Taking a calculated risk is not the same as being a risk taker. Every business person has had to take a calculated risk at some point. The results can sometimes transform your business.

16. They are not afraid to swim against the tide and be different: The majority is not always right. Celebrate your individuality in business it's what will give you the edge.

17. They are confident: People want to follow confident people.

18. They appreciate the value of 'giving something back': Truly successful people know how to give something back. Whether that's in their business or in the community, this is what will give long term value to your work.

19. They are resilient and keep trying even when experiencing setback: Ignore how you 'feel' on any given day, keep going and the results will come.

20. They create the life they want by choice and methodically work towards their goals: Success is created by choice. Choose to be successful and develop a mindset that no matter where you are on your journey you have self-belief. No-one can take this away from you.