Why Network Marketers Should Love Autoresponders

Business owners of any kind, whether it is a conventional business or a network marketing business, should have an effective email marketing system that includes an autoresponder. Once you understand what an autoresoponder is and what it is capable of doing for you, you will definitely love this amazing piece of automated marketing technology! (By the way, I hope you consider yourself a business owner and treat your MLM or Network Marketing business as such! If you haven't looked at yourself in this light, start right now.)

What is an autoresponder, you ask? It is an online tool which collects names and email addresses, then automatically follows up with those specific individuals in any way you want, once you program it to do so.

Don't be afraid of the term "program"; all I am speaking about is setting up follow-up correspondence in the form of pre-written, content-rich emails that you write beforehand, then set up a schedule for them to be sent out. That schedule is completely handled by the autoresponder, so once you write and schedule the sequence, your work is done!

Realize that the autoresponder, although handling contacts en masse, treats each contact as an individual. Let me explain through a series of examples:

· On Monday, 3 people opt in to receive your free offer that takes the form of relevant information in a report, audio or video. You have set your autoresponder up so that instantly they receive a welcome email on that first day.

· On Tuesday, 5 people opt in. They get that welcome email #1, and the 3 people from Monday receive email #2.

· On Wednesday, 4 more people opt in. They get email #1, the 5 people from Tuesday get email #2, and the 3 people from Monday don't get anything because you chose to schedule email #3 to go out on day 4.

· On Thursday, 7 people opt in. They get email #1, the 4 from Wednesday get email #2, the 5 from Tuesday get no email, and the 3 from Monday get email #3.

... and so on.

The advantages to autoresponder technology in generating leads for your network marketing business are plentiful:

· It puts the task of following up with your network marketing leads on autopilot, thereby freeing up your time that would otherwise be spent contacting each person individually.

· It will help you identify the people who are ready to get started in your network marketing business now versus the people who are still in the information gathering stage.

· It will create "top of mind consciousness" with the information gatherers, those who are interested in what you have to offer but are not yet ready to move forward. By continually providing them with quality information about your product, service or opportunity, when they are ready to take action, they will think of you first and join your network marketing business because through these well-written emails you have sent to them at regular intervals, you have positioned yourself as the expert.

Be sure to incorporate into each of your follow-up emails a call to action with a link to get on your waiting list, or if you have a great front end product that you are promoting to fund your network marketing lead generation efforts, provide a link for that product. A call to action is a group of words that urges the reader to take action. This way, the conversion from information-gathering prospect to now buyer and/or network marketing downline business builder is practically effortless on your part.

In summation, network marketers should love autoresponders because it enables you to organize and maintain your list of interested leads and follow up with them in a systematic, organized way that takes very little effort on your part. In other words, once you set up the desired sequence, the autoresponder does the follow-up for you.

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