Why Network Marketers Should Love Autoresponders

Business owners of any kind, whether it is a conventional business or a network marketing business, should have an effective email marketing system that includes an autoresponder. Once you understand what an autoresoponder is and what it is capable of doing for you, you will definitely love this amazing piece of automated marketing technology! (By the way, I hope you consider yourself a business owner and treat your MLM or Network Marketing business as such! If you haven't looked at yourself in this light, start right now.)

What is an autoresponder, you ask? It is an online tool which collects names and email addresses, then automatically follows up with those specific individuals in any way you want, once you program it to do so.

Don't be afraid of the term "program"; all I am speaking about is setting up follow-up correspondence in the form of pre-written, content-rich emails that you write beforehand, then set up a schedule for them to be sent out. That schedule is completely handled by the autoresponder, so once you write and schedule the sequence, your work is done!

Realize that the autoresponder, although handling contacts en masse, treats each contact as an individual. Let me explain through a series of examples:

· On Monday, 3 people opt in to receive your free offer that takes the form of relevant information in a report, audio or video. You have set your autoresponder up so that instantly they receive a welcome email on that first day.

· On Tuesday, 5 people opt in. They get that welcome email #1, and the 3 people from Monday receive email #2.

· On Wednesday, 4 more people opt in. They get email #1, the 5 people from Tuesday get email #2, and the 3 people from Monday don't get anything because you chose to schedule email #3 to go out on day 4.

· On Thursday, 7 people opt in. They get email #1, the 4 from Wednesday get email #2, the 5 from Tuesday get no email, and the 3 from Monday get email #3.

... and so on.

The advantages to autoresponder technology in generating leads for your network marketing business are plentiful:

· It puts the task of following up with your network marketing leads on autopilot, thereby freeing up your time that would otherwise be spent contacting each person individually.

· It will help you identify the people who are ready to get started in your network marketing business now versus the people who are still in the information gathering stage.

· It will create "top of mind consciousness" with the information gatherers, those who are interested in what you have to offer but are not yet ready to move forward. By continually providing them with quality information about your product, service or opportunity, when they are ready to take action, they will think of you first and join your network marketing business because through these well-written emails you have sent to them at regular intervals, you have positioned yourself as the expert.

Be sure to incorporate into each of your follow-up emails a call to action with a link to get on your waiting list, or if you have a great front end product that you are promoting to fund your network marketing lead generation efforts, provide a link for that product. A call to action is a group of words that urges the reader to take action. This way, the conversion from information-gathering prospect to now buyer and/or network marketing downline business builder is practically effortless on your part.

In summation, network marketers should love autoresponders because it enables you to organize and maintain your list of interested leads and follow up with them in a systematic, organized way that takes very little effort on your part. In other words, once you set up the desired sequence, the autoresponder does the follow-up for you.

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Ted Nuyten Guru

Ted Nuyten's feats in the world of direct selling and online marketing make this Dutchman well deserving of a guru review. Founder of the Business for Home website which helps entrepreneurs all over the world develop winning online marketing strategies Nuyten has earned kudos from top direct sales earners like Mike Dillard, Ken Porter and Tom Wood. So what drives more than 1.5 million unique visitors to Nuyten's website every year? Let's take a look.

About the Guru

Ted Nuyten has a corporate track record in direct sales and internet marketing that is admittedly impressive. Nuyten has worked for the likes of Dell, Siemens, Verizon and IBM specializing in international business development. He says his goal today is to spread the wealth and to lead top earners in direct sales and MLM network marketing to achieve the kind of traffic generation he has seen over the years. No doubt his other goal is to make big money from his site, and judging by the cost of placing an ad on his site, it won't be long before he hits the big time.

About Business from Home

Nuyten founded the Business from Home website to provide MLM news and facts to both new and seasoned network marketers. Access to the website gives network marketers:

* More than 8,000 knowledgebase articles from top earners

* The opportunity to submit their own articles to the website (which draws 1.5 visitors each year)

* Online support

Network marketers can subscribe for three months or for a lifetime for no more than $77. The Business from Home website boasts that 8,000 plus top earners and 350 companies as subscribers.

Helping Marketers Optimize Their Website

Nuyten has a program to help network marketers optimize traffic to their own websites called, "Helping You Make Money Online Fast." The cost to subscribe to this resource is under nine-dollars per month. Nuyten says nearly all of the tips and strategies he gives subscribers are free and cost nothing to implement on their own websites.
About the Resources

The program is step-by-step and tailored to each marketer's specific niche. One of the features of Nuyten's program is that it doesn't require marketers to come-in with a lot of technical skill. He says that if a subscriber is able to download Microsoft Word, they can figure out his traffic generation strategies and systems. Nuyten say that subscribers will learn the following::

* How to build a website around a business

* How to attract loyal fans and customers

* How to use a professional website as leverage

* How to make your business global and open 24/7

* Best practices for making money fast


We've tested his paid subscription and compared it to his free subs. Although it's only a small cost we do have a question regarding the value of the paid version. But as always you'll have to check into the subscription services on your own to conclude whether they would be a cost or a benefit to you. At the very least you should sign up for his free email service.

It appears as though Nuyten's online marketing resources are among some of the least expensive on the market right now.

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Empathy Vs Sympathy

Sympathy and empathy are human traits that I believe is needed to be successful in home based business industry. Many people are not able to understand the clear difference between the two terms and often misuse one over the other. There is a subtle distinction between the two traits. Sympathy and empathy are both acts of feeling.

Sympathy is a form of communication that does not necessarily address the underlying issues. When you sympathize for the person basically you may feel sorry for that person, as he may be going through some challenges. But you are not experiencing the same feeling-what the other person is going through.

Better to visualize a scenario, assume that you are out at some park, and you realize your car has broken down, it just doesn't start. You happen to spot your friend as he is just passing by, your friend stops by you and listen to your problem. Sympathetic response would be "gee that's really hard luck." and then walk away by giving his best wishes to you.

Let's evaluate Empathetic response

"I believe you are feeling frustrated-it does cause lots of inconvenience." I know there are lots of tow truck nearby, why don't we search something quick over the phone and get you some help.

Another classic explanation on empathetic listening can be found in 7 habits of successful people written by Stephen Covey.

What we experience in Home based business or in Network Marketing?

I believe many business owners, networkers in this industry are either helpless sympathizers or clueless sympathizers.

Clueless sympathizers tend to be pretty smart individuals who know little about a lot of things. They tend to have a high IQ with respectively lower applied intelligence. These individuals are good at emotional manipulation.

Helpless sympathizers feel sorry for you, but want to ensure that you keep your problems to your own. They will pretend to be a good listener, but they will never consider your challenge as their challenge and work towards it.

Empathetic Skills:

Home business owners are leaders should work on their ability to improve their empathetic listening skills.

Restrain yourself from giving suggestion, prior to their completion. Offer suggestion when they ask you specifically for help or advice.

Keep your questions limited to two only, don't go over two questions.

Empathic listening is very critical skill in home based business. As you practice more, and be genuinely interested in people, it will allow you to grow as one of the best leader in this industry.

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Bold Leadership

A leader is a person who guides others toward a common goal, showing the way by example, and creating an environment in which other team members feel actively involved in the entire process. A leader is definitely not the boss of the team in home based business.

A leader is willing to take risks and make mistakes, be determined to work harder, admit their weakness or failure, and never give up (even when it's tough!) are classified as a bold leaders.

Bold leader characteristics:

Authentic Self belief

In home based business we preach folks if you can dream it, and believe in it, you can achieve it. I think it is very valid to genuinely believe in you; but most people wear these beliefs around their necks like a magic amulet. Believing in you is good, but belief doesn't produce results; action inspired by belief produces results. So in a nutshell you have to be willing to work hard to craft reality from possibility.

Authentic self-belief and self-confidence comes from one place:




Without learning, training, preparation and practice one might be heading towards disaster. Imagine if an athlete goes into Olympic race without practice, or fighter steps in a ring unprepared. Their chance of victory is sealed.

No matter what the outcome, analyze your performance and repeat the process.

Confidence and Flexible

One of the challenge home based business leaders are facing today, is lack of creativity. To be successful in any business using one approach you can only go so far and very few will be able to complete the race. As a leader of your business, and willing to make changes you should prepare yourself for tomorrow with confidence and conviction. Remember strategies which work well today may not work tomorrow and you should prepare yourself to explore new approaches in the business.

Acceptance of risk

Fear of failure causes many people to avoid taking chances. By itself, this risk aversion is not necessarily a bad thing. But if the benefits of success outweigh the chance of failing, a leader needs to take the chance. When the risk is worth taking, leaders must accept the risk.

Pay the price

In any endeavors success is not easy, specially these days when technology is so advanced and competition is so fierce. But leaders don't give up without a fight, they keep trying and trying again until their team is successful.

Leaders are well aware of the fact about their strength and the strength of each of their team members. Bold leaders know how to put good use of each of their member's strength. They don't focus on overcoming their weakness or team member's weakness. By working to overcome weaknesses one can only go so far. Imagine if Michael Jordan instead of playing basketball tried to focus on improving his game in baseball, how far you think he would have gone, or imagine David Beckham trying to be a goal keeper, I believe both would have become terrible, simply because that is not their strength.

To be categorize as a bold leader you should work with your team members on their strength rather than trying to overcome their weakness.

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Build a Winning Team

Success in home based business or network marketing business is completely on the basis of a team work. Your ability to assemble and lead a high-performance team of motivated individuals is one of the keys to your value and effectiveness as a team leader at every stage in your business.

An extensive study has been done to identify the characteristics of winning team. Today we know more about how we can assemble a winning team than ever before.

Just as you use a recipe to prepare a dish in kitchen, a specific recipe has been proven to work in building a high performance, self-directed work team. When you apply this recipe-these ideas and principles-on a regular basis, until they become habitual and automatic, you will get far greater results from your people than you ever imagined possible.

There are five characteristics common in any or all winning teams.

Shared goals

In a home based business environment you need to create smoothly functioning team, where everyone is clear about what the team is expected to accomplish. The goals of the team are shared and discussed by everyone. Each team member gives his or her ideas and input into how the goals and objectives can be best achieved.

What does a Shared Goal look like?

An effective team goal is SMART. The goal describes a Specific outcome as clearly defined, and unambiguous as possible. We know when we've reached the goal because it is Measureable. Our metrics tell us when we've arrived at success. We will arrive because the goal is Achievable. We have the skills, knowledge and resources to accomplish it. The goal is Relevant to the larger mission of the organization. It's also timely and can be accomplished reasonably in the intended timeframe.

Shared Values

Home based business or network marketing can only be built on shared values. It is built on the values of passion, honesty, trust, integrity, punctuality, boldness, open-communication, responsibility for completing the task, and assisting each other in accomplishing their goals.

Shared Plans

In home based business your success depends upon the success of other team members in your group. You need to encourage and ensure each member in your group is willing to take the charge of their business. They should be willing to accept responsibility for completing the task given to them.

Note: if the person is committed but not ready to take the charge, do not force that person to take on the responsibility. If you try to push other members of your team, chances are these persons will quit. You are building a team of volunteers, so be respectful of others ability and competency.

Clear Leadership

There must always be a leader in any team. Leaders are fundamental to highly effective teams because they set the vision and they bring the team together. Leadership position is not just because of some artificial authority, but because the team recognizes that without their leadership, the team would not be the same, and might not even exist. When you start home based business or network marketing, you are the leader for your team and you must take charge of your business.

The leader sets an example for the others. The leader becomes the role model. The success of a team member is of utmost importance to the leader, even when leader's attention is diverted. Jealousy and envy is never part of the equation. In a highly effective team, the leader is proud of each team member's accomplishments, just like a parent would be.

Bring Team Together

One of the most important things you do in building a peak performance unit is to hold regular team meetings. Bring your people together weekly, at a fixed time, to talk, discuss, catch up on progress, learn how each of the associate is doing, provide training, share ideas, opinions, and other insights with regards to the business.

The author, who is associated with Winvie Global, is an expert on all aspects of home based business, online and offline marketing. Contact or register at http://www.winvieglobal.com for building a profitable home based business.

Work-At-Home Programs For The Wise

Be very careful of work-at-home schemes. "How would you like to earn thousands of dollars a week, working 15 minutes a day from? Many people are doing just that. They earn a free stress financial life staying at working from home. You can also! I teach you how by guiding in every step of the way."

Everyone wants to join the online business these days, because it can be very advantageous. You can make a great living and work on the internet from home and make money on the net. Take it as a real business and you will succeed. You MUST avoid many Frauds and Schemes.

"You can earn $3,000 to $5,000 per week working an hour a day from the comfort of your own home. No selling involved. No need to be internet savy. Your experience is necessary. Sign-up and start earning money tonight."

"You can be your own boss. For only $49.95, and you can begin to gain you earning independence today. Have your credit card handy and start any time of the day or night making thousands of dollars without leaving home."

Aren't you attracted to read these catchy articles, the offers are so attractive, especially the part that says that you don't have to leave home. Unfortunately, like the old saying goes, it sounds to good to be true - IT IS!

You NEED to be very cautious of those work-at-home opportunities with the promise to make you awesome profits quickly. If the earnings were easy and large, they wouldn't have to advertise - Why would they. Of course, the more incredible and unbelievable the opportunity is, the more you must understand there is no way to be legit.

There are legitimate work-at-home opportunities, but most are not. Home employment schemes have always being around, because everyone wants it. Most of these classifieds are fraud.

Most of the ads lie or fail to announce on their promotions that you will need to work many hours with no pay to learn a system most of them do not have themselves. They also don't tell you the other hidden costs.

Most of these companies want you to pay for other functions that you need to make their, so called, program work for you. They offer you a membership to keep giving you instructions or materials you need. Many, many customers have been enticed by these ads and lost thousands of dollars and wasted much of their time and energy.

Still everyone wants to succeed in the internet business, if you stay committed and create your vision of where you want to end up, and stay with it, you will succeed. Don't let the frauds and schemes take your passion away from you with their lies. Treat it like a real business, and soon, you can work on the internet from home and make money on the net. You will be a great success story and live comfortably with your family. Good luck!

Efren Maldonado

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