Ted Nuyten Guru

Ted Nuyten's feats in the world of direct selling and online marketing make this Dutchman well deserving of a guru review. Founder of the Business for Home website which helps entrepreneurs all over the world develop winning online marketing strategies Nuyten has earned kudos from top direct sales earners like Mike Dillard, Ken Porter and Tom Wood. So what drives more than 1.5 million unique visitors to Nuyten's website every year? Let's take a look.

About the Guru

Ted Nuyten has a corporate track record in direct sales and internet marketing that is admittedly impressive. Nuyten has worked for the likes of Dell, Siemens, Verizon and IBM specializing in international business development. He says his goal today is to spread the wealth and to lead top earners in direct sales and MLM network marketing to achieve the kind of traffic generation he has seen over the years. No doubt his other goal is to make big money from his site, and judging by the cost of placing an ad on his site, it won't be long before he hits the big time.

About Business from Home

Nuyten founded the Business from Home website to provide MLM news and facts to both new and seasoned network marketers. Access to the website gives network marketers:

* More than 8,000 knowledgebase articles from top earners

* The opportunity to submit their own articles to the website (which draws 1.5 visitors each year)

* Online support

Network marketers can subscribe for three months or for a lifetime for no more than $77. The Business from Home website boasts that 8,000 plus top earners and 350 companies as subscribers.

Helping Marketers Optimize Their Website

Nuyten has a program to help network marketers optimize traffic to their own websites called, "Helping You Make Money Online Fast." The cost to subscribe to this resource is under nine-dollars per month. Nuyten says nearly all of the tips and strategies he gives subscribers are free and cost nothing to implement on their own websites.
About the Resources

The program is step-by-step and tailored to each marketer's specific niche. One of the features of Nuyten's program is that it doesn't require marketers to come-in with a lot of technical skill. He says that if a subscriber is able to download Microsoft Word, they can figure out his traffic generation strategies and systems. Nuyten say that subscribers will learn the following::

* How to build a website around a business

* How to attract loyal fans and customers

* How to use a professional website as leverage

* How to make your business global and open 24/7

* Best practices for making money fast


We've tested his paid subscription and compared it to his free subs. Although it's only a small cost we do have a question regarding the value of the paid version. But as always you'll have to check into the subscription services on your own to conclude whether they would be a cost or a benefit to you. At the very least you should sign up for his free email service.

It appears as though Nuyten's online marketing resources are among some of the least expensive on the market right now.

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Kim Willis has been making 6 figures from home since he started as an online marketer, in 2006. He now helps other people do the same. It starts with leads - generating plenty of them on a daily basis. Get his Network Marketing Tips here.

MLM Global Domains International

What is Global Domains International?
Global Domains International also known as GDI is the worldwide registry for all dot.ws domain names. Other domain names can also be registered via GDI however prices varies. Its product is an incredible $10 per month package that includes your own domain name, hosting and up to 10 custom email accounts. If you are not professional or have no website building skills, there is an easy to use website builder to guide you along in building your own website. GDI has an inbuilt affiliate program which you can use to make extra income online. There is no extra charges other than your own domain name. If you are into making money with GDI but you are not interested in making your own website, you can simply use the domain forwarding function to forward your domain name to any website you desire. Example if you have a Facebook page, you can forward your domain there so whenever someone types and goes to your domain, he will be redirected to your Facebook page.

Is GDI a Trusted Company?
This wonderful company has been around the world for years. Over 10 years in service. Thousands of people are using this great service to make their own website and at the same time make an extra income on top of whatever they are doing.

Making Money With GDI
GDI follows a very simple system where you can make money. As a member, you earn $1 per month per person who signs up via your 5 level network. You can and will earn up to infinity levels deep after you have passed a certain criteria. Apart from this 5 level network, there are also other methods that GDI will pay you. The first is, you will get paid an extra $100 for every 5 person you personally signs up in one week. In one week, if you refer 25 new paid members, you will earn an extra $500 on top of your 5 level commissions. Second extraordinary method that GDI pays you is, if you are extremely hardworking and managed to get 1000 new paid members in one month, you will get an extra $5000 on top of your other commissions!

In summary, GDI is a great vehicle for any individual to make extra income on whatever they are doing. GDI has great support team that is available 24/7, it can be accessed via your own home and it is very cheap to get started. GDI cost at only $10 per month. If you are looking for a great way to make extra income, I will personally advice you to be a part of the GDI team today. GDI is the best MLM company that has ever existed in the world. It is the best network marketing and moneymaking opportunity on the internet.

MLM Software As a Service

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is also a type of direct selling business. Here the sales person is expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals or by word of mouth marketing. In a Multi Level Marketing business membership and compensations can be complicated and almost infinite, thus MLM software is really a must. With the increasing number of people opting for this kind of software for businesses, it is important to know exactly what MLM software provides to all types of business despite their different needs.

MLM software services offer numerous facilities and features. One of the most important tool features it does is tracking of customers and clients domestically and internationally. Remember there is no successful direct selling company without a great and stable computer system behind it. While MLM software services are in demand, pricing varies from one software vendor to another. It is advisable to choose your software vendor wisely. Make sure that the company you choose is reputable and has a proven track record. Another thing to consider is to avoid very small software companies.

These companies compete with larger established firms, and presents MLM software pricing at bargain prices making it risky for them during their crucial years. The dangerous part is that smaller companies tend to go out of business without warning. The software package they offer should allow you to create your own reports. It is also important that the company can program your compensation plan since it is a very complex task and needs an extensive amount of experience to program properly, thus it should not be assigned to any inexperienced programmers to do. Purchase software that can work on bigger computers as well as a PC.

If you aim to be successful don't limit yourself by choosing software that only runs on PC computers. Software is usually designed to handle specific needs and issues of a business. If you are wise enough you must compare the features, capabilities as well as MLM software pricing from different software vendors. Never forget to ask which features they consider unique compared to others. While comparing it feature by feature choose the package feature list that has the most to offer. Take note you are not only buying a computer you are buying software, expertise, emergency support services, programming services and starting a long term commitment.

Lastly, MLM software is all about keeping a proper business track and you can attain this with the help of a reliable MLM software service. Therefore choose wisely.

Visit NetSteps.com for more information on Multi-level marketing. NetSteps is a leading provider of direct sales technology, network marketing software, and other solutions for direct sales companies.

Anyone Can Start Making Passive Income Now

Don't let anyone fool you, building passive income streams is hard work.

If your motivation for passive income is escape, you'll most likely fail. Passive income is fuel to expand on the life you want to live and requires a ton of hard work, especially up front. If you're looking for an easy way out, you will most likely give up before you get very far.

It's important to create money and passive income around things you are passionate about to fuel success. Don't think you can escape it by creating streams of passive income. It won't work. However, if you are willing to put in the time to learn and the work required, anyone at any age can start making passive income now!


Any student is given assignments, papers to write, projects to do. Especially at the high school and college level, why not take one of your courses and turn it into a passive income stream?

For example, if you are passionate about health and are going to school to be a health coach and mostly enjoy that kind of work, you can expand your service with something like an online course or an eBook or a website, which will allow you to passively provide value to people even when you're not available to help them one on one. Or have not yet graduated. As long as you are honest and base it in love, this is a great way to make passive income before and after graduation.

Why not? You are learning things to get you certified or trained. Explain to your audience what your blog is about, you are an aspiring health student. What you learned and are learning and package some of the information up to sell. Or at the very least create a ton of free valuable content, which will drive tons of free traffic to your website and then monetize the site by putting up ads or use affiliate marketing for useful products and services. This will allow you to earn passive income. Passive income is a side effect of providing passive value.

You could then expand your services when you did graduate and add another stream of income by providing one-on-one health coaching services. You have created a "job" while you were in school. You have already created your own virtual "health center/office" with tons of clients who trust and value your opinion and who would probably be elated to take some of your coaching services.

Now tell me this isn't much smarter than going to class, writing papers and doing nothing more. Then when it comes time for graduation, you get to start fresh by printing up business cards and knocking on doors. Or better yet, polishing up that dreadful resume (with probably zero experience besides serving food... because you were in school) and applying for jobs.

Yes, it will be hard work and take a lot of energy to write your assignments over into ready-friendly content. Or experiment with healthful recipes and create an eBook, but it the long run, this sounds like a much more intelligent plan. Depending on how hard you work, you may even generate enough passive income to come out of school debt free, now that sounds like a winner!


For all you parents out there, there probably just doesn't feel like enough time in the day to get everything done. How are you supposed to create a passive stream of income on top of it all?

My suggestion is to break it down. Write one article when the kids go to sleep every night, at least 300 words. Your topic/niche can be very simple. Don't over-analyze this.

So you are a mother who wants more healthy recipes using fresh ingredients? Turn your passive income stream into something you already want to learn... how to make healthy recipes using fresh ingredients.

Let's do this together. If you go to google keyword tool and type in "healthy recipes" you can see that there are over 1,500,000 search queries a month with a medium competition level. That's a pretty broad topic to win over and chances are that you won't rank very high with Google trying to win that keyword/niche.

You need to break it down further... what's healthy? Salads are healthy, let's do another keyword search for "healthy salads." There are 60,500 search queries a month with low competition as well as 12,500 search queries a month for "healthy salad dressings" with low competition. So if you made your site around healthy salad and healthy salad dressing recipes, you could have a potential of 72,500 visitors to your site per month! That's a lot of traffic and the monetization options are endless.

So... as a mother, let's say, of two children, you want to start a website/blog to earn passive income around healthy salad and healthy dressing recipes. So you vow for 300 out of the next 365 days (one year) you will learn, research and make a recipe for either a healthy salad or dressing to give to your family and then make a corresponding article/recipe to add to your website with a pretty picture. You use Google keywords and then after you have 300 recipes, you take the 50 best and package them into an eBook you sell for $15.

Let's say you are now on the front page of Google because you are starting to dominate the niche keywords "healthy salads" and "healthy salad recipes" and your monthly traffic is at 20,000 visitors. Now let's say you have a 2% conversion rate on your eBook of "50 of the best healthy salads and dressings" that you are selling for $15. That means in a given month you will sell roughly 400 ebooks and at $15 each you are now making around $6,000 a month passive income! The best part is you got to learn something you wanted to anyway... how to feed your family healthy, and you are helping other families do the same thing, but now you are getting paid for it.

I'm sure it was a ton of work upfront, you would have rather rested after the kids went to bed and watched a movie with the hubby instead of writing about vinegars and oils, but it was worth it wasn't it? Hard work up front pays off!

Both groups of people, students and parents are BUSY, BUSY! But it can be done, and it should be. You have nobody to blame but yourself if you don't try, it's actually quite dumb not to. Figure out your niche and make a website to start earning passive income.

I have just covered the tip of the iceberg here. The absolutely, positively best program out there to use to learn all of what I just covered and more is Site Build It. It honestly changes lives and teaches you every detail to create the life of your dreams, whether you are a busy mom, a college student or anywhere in between. Even if you're not computer savvy, it doesn't matter. It is all laid out for you, you just pretty much start writing great content to start collecting visitors to your site.

http://www.happy-whole-self.com is a site about personal development and conscious living.
This site covers topics such as: Health, Happiness, Consciousness, Money, Work, Freedom, Art, Creativity, Loss, Travel, Discipline, Nutrition, Exercise, Adventure, Balance, Stress, Sustainability, Passive Income, Design, Passion, Personal Development, Love, Courage, Business, Fear, Goals, Motivation, People Skills, Out-of-the-box-thinking, Leisure and more.

This site contains enough free personal development material to fill hours upon hours of your time. Don't let that overwhelm you though because no matter where you begin, it will only take a few clicks to find something of value to you.

Keyword Match For Your Meaning

In the market and congress of the worldwide web, people search for products and services and for answers to questions. They want to find and implement ideas in order to solve particular problems. In your market program, you can find what people are looking for with your keyword research, and you can use keywords to tailor your article or site to the questions and needs of your audience. Use selected keywords to build your article, make your offer highly specific to your reader's keyword search, and you can drive traffic to your site and get good conversion rates for the links on your site.

Keywords control ways that people use language to find and distribute information. Keywords allow you to enter into the discovery of market activity, and keywords make it possible for you to engage in promotion and distribution of services already in demand in the market. Specific keywords exist in a specific thought frame, so write in that thought frame using your selected keywords in your article title and in your article body. From the buyer's request, you format your offer, and from your distribution of information, the market receives and redistributes information to existing and prospective workers and buyers. Be aware that your support for other internet workers is a necessary contribution to your own market viability. Your market activity is good for the market and good for everyone in it.

To build and promote your site and your market, make use of a keyword search tool to find ways to select very particular keywords and keyword groups that will make your site accessible and attractive to people and successful for your earning goals. Learn to use keyword groups to encompass a territory of ideas that you can use to drive more traffic to your site. Once your potential buyer accesses your site, accommodate the initial interest and request for information or for a particular product and also provide offers for any products that you think of as related to the buyer's interest. Distribute to the buyer first what the buyer already wants to buy, and then you have the chance to increase your profit with additional offers. Think about what people might want or need. Match a topic or offer to a keyword or keyword group to make your article interesting to the reader who is searching with the same keywords for information about that topic or offer. Coordinate your approach to your topic with what people are looking for and use keywords to bind their purpose into your market goals.

Once you have made a connection with your reader, hold the reader's attention with writing that is lively and persuasive. One good way to add interest to your writing is with the technique of repeating a word or phrase, especially a keyword or keyword phrase, in your article. Repetition is an aid to memory, and if people remember what they read on your site, they may return to your site once they find it. People like repetition, so use it. Experiment with repetition, alliteration, rhythm, and even with rhyme, and learn to be creative with your keywords. Engage your reader's interest in your article and in the experience of coming to your site by providing good, entertaining, and useful content in your writing. With good keywords you build good content, and you make your site responsive to market demand and successful for your market ideal.

The Secret of Successful Advertising

Advertising is the lifeline of any business or organization. You may have the greatest product and the most amazing website but without advertising no-one will ever see it. In this article I will teach you the secrets of successful advertising.

Quality VS Quantity

Websites offering advertising services can easily be found all over the Internet and they all claim to be professional marketing services that can send thousands of prospects to your website. While this sounds attractive you must realize that the quality of the traffic may not be as good as the website claims. I've seen websites offering me 10,000 views to my Facebook and YouTube pages for only $10, and when I tried them I have not had any benefit from them. I can only conclude that it is very poor traffic.

There are some good free advertising services that require some work on your part. However it usually turns out that the other members have joined to either get free stuff or to get free advertising to their own websites. Therefore they are not the type of person who is willing to buy from you. These websites have thousands of members and your website could be viewed thousands of times, but if you are selling something on that website you will be lucky to get any sales.

Some advertising companies offer targeted and non-targeted visitors to your website. Targeted visitors are ones that are actually interested in your type of product while non-targeted visitors are ones that may or may not be interested. A company might offer the choice of 10,000 non-targeted visitors or 5000 targeted visitors for the same price. The offer of twice as many visitors for your money may sound like the best choice but it could turn out that only a small percentage of them actually purchase your product.

In this case you would have been better off purchasing the targeted visitors campaign. Although this means less people see your website it also means that you are more likely to get sales.

I recommend you avoid any website that offers Guaranteed Sign Ups which usually require that your website allows prospects to sign up for a free or trial product or service. You will get the sign ups they promised but they could be people from poor countries who have been offered pennies to sign up for any free offers they receive. If these prospects are only interested in entering their details in order to be paid then they are not likely to purchase anything from you.

Tips for Successful Advertising

Before you advertise with any company you should take the time to read everything on the website and see where your visitors are coming from. Type the company's name into Google and see what other people say about them. You can read a lot of useful information about various companies on forums which will help you to decide whether to try them or not.

Each time a different person visits your website it is counted as a unique hit. Use a tracking tool so you can see if a company is providing you with unique hits. A good advertising service should offer you a lot of different visitors rather than the same people re-visiting your website again and again.

Use an autoresponder tool and set up two mailing lists. One list offers something for free such as a report while the other list is for people who are interested in purchasing your products.

Social Networking websites and forums are good advertising resources but don't promote to the other members directly. Ask their permission to send them some information or offer them a free report.

When you write a text advert, don't fill it with lots of hype as people tend to hate that these days. Also keep it short and to the point. The main purpose of a text ad is to get people to click on your link and visit the main website. When people read their email they are not usually interested in reading a load of hyped up sales pitch. Focus on a couple of short paragraphs to explain what you are offering them and ask them to visit your website for more information. Many people are keen to finish reading their email so they can get on with other tasks. They will probably bookmark your website for later.

Include contacts details so people can contact you with questions. A good idea would be to direct people to a page that is all about you. On this page you can provide general information about yourself along with contact details and a photo. Branding yourself is important and helps build trust. People can be wary about who they buy from.

Focus on getting people on your mailing list. This way you can contact them with other offers for free. You can do this by using an autoresponder tool such as Trafficwave. Use a splash page that offers free information in exchange for the prospect's details. Remember that the prospect might not be looking to buy anything at that moment but the free information may encourage them to do later.

Using an autoresponder tool, create a campaign of between 7-10 follow up letters. It usually takes this many emails to encourage the prospect to buy something.

Offline advertising can work quite well too. Get some business cards printed and leave them in various places such as dentists, doctors, on the bus or at work. Get a banner promoting your website and stick it on the back window or bumper of your car. Print a few flyers and post them through doors.

If a company provides you with quality traffic but you don't get many subscribers then try changing your advertising campaign. Try a different headline for example.

Set yourself an advertising budget and stick to it. People often make the mistake of throwing money at different companies only to find themselves with huge credit card bills they can't pay.

Use a decent URL Submission program such as "All in One Submission" which is the one I use and recommend. This will post your URL to thousands of directories which will greatly improve your rankings in the search engines. Use as many keywords you can think of to describe your product.

Article Marketing is a great method of advertising. I recommend you purchase the EzineArticles Marketing Course as this contains a lot of value information and is well worth the investment.

Bookmark any advertising companies you have had success with. This way you have a ready-made list of marketing resources to promote your next product with.


The most import thing to remember is to track your ads and use an autoresponder to build a list. I personally recommend Trafficwave and Global NPN for this and you can find them on my website.

Dean Sharples is a dedicated writer and programmer who helps newbies make money working from home. You can read more of his guides at Home Business School

A Different Look at Herbalife

Are you looking for a fair and balanced Herbalife review? If so find out for yourself the history of Herbalife before you join.

Mark Hughes founded Herbalife in 1980 but Mark met an untimely death just before he turned forty five. Sad to say it, but despite his supposed commitment to health, he died a drug addict and alcoholic. Just like his Mum. Oh the irony of it all.

I met Mark Hughes more than a decade earlier. In fact I still have his autograph on a photo of my newly born son Damien. Bit if a collector's item. Then, Mark was vibrant, charismatic - and gorgeous. What happened to him? Who knows, but it seems he was somehow drawn to repeat the mistakes of his drug addled mother, despite his constant vow to change the world through good nutrition.

Herbalife has been trading for thirty one years. When Mark Hughes started the company he had just one product, called Formula 1, which is a meal replacement protein drink. From that original product, the company has developed an entire range of health and weight loss products. Despite challenges over the years, not the least of which was the untimely passing of their founder, the company has continued to grow. Last year's sales eclipsed $3 billion.

Doing Business With Herbalife
To join Herbalife as a rep or distributor, purchase a starter kit which includes some product. From that point you will be encouraged to become a committed user of the full product line.

In order to receive commissions there is a minimum quantity of business you need to produce to be considered active.

Ways to Grow Your Herbalife Business
The key to success in MLM is to build a big network. Personal product sales are important and with a profit margin of 25 - 50% you can generate handy short term income. But the way to make the big money is to build a large team that in turn repeats the process. You can earn an overrider commission on the sales of your team members which can in time grow into a significant income.

To get started you'll need at least $200. You can also invest in additional tools and products to fast track your progress.

Although most people make little or nothing from their involvement with Herbalife it is a fact that thousands of people have had their lives transformed by the experience.

Promoting is everything for all businesses nowadays. You do it to generate the leads which in turn translates to sales and new recruits. Herbalife is no exception. Learning how to promote the products and the business will be key to your success.

Herbalife is a significant company with a long track record. The good news is that new people who join can still make money, providing they commit to building the business for at least 2 years.

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Kim Willis has been making 6 figures from home since he started as an online marketer, in 2006. He now helps other people do the same. It starts with leads - generating plenty of them on a daily basis. Get his Network Marketing Tips here.