Network Marketing

Have you seen television ads of well-dressed and happy individuals talking about how they just bought their own car or just built their dream homes while working on their spare time? And you start to wonder why you're not one of them while you've just logged-in more hours at work and your relationship with your boss is still a lost cause. Before you lament the apparent rise of self-doubt and self-pity, understand that these people did not find the holy Grail of money making schemes - they simply went into network marketing.

Network Marketing according to Wikipedia is a marketing or sales strategy that a person can earn not just from what he or she sells but also from the generated income of those that he or she has recruited. Some people also call this as pyramid selling due to the downline system of income generation. Individuals who go into network marketing are working as independent associates who are not employed by the company; no one is working for anyone but for themselves. With companies springing out like mushrooms in the industry of network marketing a lot of people have also raised some eyebrows as to how legitimate the business concept is. People have voiced out varied opinions about this marketing and sales strategy; like only the top people who started the company are the ones getting the big bucks and some would even go out to say that networking is just ripping people of their money. There really is no definite answers to these doubts but one thing is for sure, like any other business venture; network marketing requires an amount of investment and some people are just made for it while some just don't fit with the equation.

If you decide to join thousands and even millions of people in the business there are a few pointers that you could use before getting on the wagon.

1. Know the company

Do a background check about the company especially if you are required to pay a bond. It's better to be cautious than to be sorry in the end. There are certainly legit companies out there but it does not deny the fact that there are shady ones as well.

2. Make sure that the products you sell are saleable

So you pay the package and you get all these products that you can sell but the question is; are these products in demand or necessary that people will buy it or can you recruit enough sellers who will believe that the products are easy to sell. You can get a wide range of products like vitamins or weight loss products that you can sell to health buffs, whatever it may be make sure that you have potential buyers and sellers.

3. Ask yourself how far you can go.

Network marketing dreamers often dismiss or take for granted the value of this question. As the business works on word of mouth and referrals, you should be prepared to go out of your way and find areas you can sell. To generate income from the products, you have to sell. To recruit people, you have to sell. If you think and you are convinced that you can go through anything to sell then go get yourself some dark sunglasses because you have a bright network marketing future.

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  1. Excellent article! In general there are so many misconceptions regarding network marketing and love it when I hear the truth and what it truly is.

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