Courage As Skill

What is Courage?

As Aristotle quoted Courage is a mean with regard to fear and confidence.

Courage is a trained skill: the ability to focus the mind and effort on something more important, something positive, and something productive in the most intimidating situation. Courage is the ability to take an action despite of known risk, fear or danger. We admire people who are courageous, for example we admire life savers, fire fighters, police officer for their actions and saving people amidst danger.Skill to be courageous can be developed and improved by coaching, because it is based on the ability to FOCUS.

How does this matter in home based business? Home based business is all about leadership and leaders who are courageous tends to be successful. Courageous action is really a special kind of risk taking but educated risk. A leader who is willing to take more action than most others strengthens their chances of success - through careful deliberation and preparation.

To develop courageous skills in home based business following are the steps to get started:

Setting Goals

The first component of the courage in this industry is about setting the goals. You have to realize how does success look like? Is it obtainable? By achieving your goal what good it will do to you, to the society, community? Your goals should be like an elastic band. You should be able to stretch it but not to the extent that it will break.

Determining your goals importance

Your second component is to evaluate how important is it for you to achieve your goals. Understand how will your life be affected if you don't do something about it now? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone or are you willing to take one day at a time and let life progress as is?


To develop skills we need to avail the training. When we start home based business or matter of fact any other endeavour, we need to develop the formal skills for the given profession. One of the best ways we can develop needed skills for home based business is making our car as our university. It is known that many of us in North America spend almost 1000 hours a year behind the wheel. By educating ourselves we can acquire the skills needed to be successful in home based business. Imagine an athlete without formal training planning for Olympics; it will be miraculous if that athlete gets the opportunity to participate. This is true in home based business without training without developing skills it will be very hard to achieve success.


We must take action to accomplish our goals even if it becomes a daunting task at times. Action is the most critical option to breed confidence and courage. One may have acquired the knowledge, through education but they cannot gain experience without action.

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