Types Of Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network acts like a medium between affiliates (the publisher with the website) and the merchant (the company that want to put ads on the affiliates site. They exist to make the lives of all parts involved, easier. Web publishers will have an easier time finding a suitable affiliate marketing program since it is promoted by the network to all potential merchants and the companies will have an easier time finding web pages to publish their ads and banners on.

Most affiliate networks work mostly in the same way. More often than not, the network will ask the publisher what kind of compensation they want from publishing the ad. It can be revenue sharing (a certain percent of a sale) or a pay per click job.

For the companies, affiliate networks will often come with some free perks. It can be repair tools, technology to track their investments in the form of their ads and the very important, money processing. They will also of course have access to a large number of willing publishers.

The networks are most often free for the affiliates, while a fee is usually applied to a merchant. Some networks might require you to subscribe for a small fee or pay a monthly fee, but there are a lot of free alternatives out there. They will also charge a small fee from the merchant's sales. The network has got to make money too!

Website owners thinking about joining one of these affiliate networks should really give it a shot. A good idea is to apply to more than one of them. You will have better probability to be admitted to a network if you applied for many different networks. Once you have joined a network, it might be a good idea to start think about what kind of company you would like to advertise for and which you don't. If you don't get any requests from a company you wanted, you should pick the most profitable of the ones you have been offered, you will get better offers once you have generated some income for the affiliate network, the merchants and of course - yourself.

Another important thing is to attract visitors to your blog or other web page. Your income after all, depends on the amount of visitors that clicks your banners and checks the advertising companies out. I won't go into this in detail here, but I have written another article regarding the subject.


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