Empathy Vs Sympathy

Sympathy and empathy are human traits that I believe is needed to be successful in home based business industry. Many people are not able to understand the clear difference between the two terms and often misuse one over the other. There is a subtle distinction between the two traits. Sympathy and empathy are both acts of feeling.

Sympathy is a form of communication that does not necessarily address the underlying issues. When you sympathize for the person basically you may feel sorry for that person, as he may be going through some challenges. But you are not experiencing the same feeling-what the other person is going through.

Better to visualize a scenario, assume that you are out at some park, and you realize your car has broken down, it just doesn't start. You happen to spot your friend as he is just passing by, your friend stops by you and listen to your problem. Sympathetic response would be "gee that's really hard luck." and then walk away by giving his best wishes to you.

Let's evaluate Empathetic response

"I believe you are feeling frustrated-it does cause lots of inconvenience." I know there are lots of tow truck nearby, why don't we search something quick over the phone and get you some help.

Another classic explanation on empathetic listening can be found in 7 habits of successful people written by Stephen Covey.

What we experience in Home based business or in Network Marketing?

I believe many business owners, networkers in this industry are either helpless sympathizers or clueless sympathizers.

Clueless sympathizers tend to be pretty smart individuals who know little about a lot of things. They tend to have a high IQ with respectively lower applied intelligence. These individuals are good at emotional manipulation.

Helpless sympathizers feel sorry for you, but want to ensure that you keep your problems to your own. They will pretend to be a good listener, but they will never consider your challenge as their challenge and work towards it.

Empathetic Skills:

Home business owners are leaders should work on their ability to improve their empathetic listening skills.

Restrain yourself from giving suggestion, prior to their completion. Offer suggestion when they ask you specifically for help or advice.

Keep your questions limited to two only, don't go over two questions.

Empathic listening is very critical skill in home based business. As you practice more, and be genuinely interested in people, it will allow you to grow as one of the best leader in this industry.

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