Bold Leadership

A leader is a person who guides others toward a common goal, showing the way by example, and creating an environment in which other team members feel actively involved in the entire process. A leader is definitely not the boss of the team in home based business.

A leader is willing to take risks and make mistakes, be determined to work harder, admit their weakness or failure, and never give up (even when it's tough!) are classified as a bold leaders.

Bold leader characteristics:

Authentic Self belief

In home based business we preach folks if you can dream it, and believe in it, you can achieve it. I think it is very valid to genuinely believe in you; but most people wear these beliefs around their necks like a magic amulet. Believing in you is good, but belief doesn't produce results; action inspired by belief produces results. So in a nutshell you have to be willing to work hard to craft reality from possibility.

Authentic self-belief and self-confidence comes from one place:




Without learning, training, preparation and practice one might be heading towards disaster. Imagine if an athlete goes into Olympic race without practice, or fighter steps in a ring unprepared. Their chance of victory is sealed.

No matter what the outcome, analyze your performance and repeat the process.

Confidence and Flexible

One of the challenge home based business leaders are facing today, is lack of creativity. To be successful in any business using one approach you can only go so far and very few will be able to complete the race. As a leader of your business, and willing to make changes you should prepare yourself for tomorrow with confidence and conviction. Remember strategies which work well today may not work tomorrow and you should prepare yourself to explore new approaches in the business.

Acceptance of risk

Fear of failure causes many people to avoid taking chances. By itself, this risk aversion is not necessarily a bad thing. But if the benefits of success outweigh the chance of failing, a leader needs to take the chance. When the risk is worth taking, leaders must accept the risk.

Pay the price

In any endeavors success is not easy, specially these days when technology is so advanced and competition is so fierce. But leaders don't give up without a fight, they keep trying and trying again until their team is successful.

Leaders are well aware of the fact about their strength and the strength of each of their team members. Bold leaders know how to put good use of each of their member's strength. They don't focus on overcoming their weakness or team member's weakness. By working to overcome weaknesses one can only go so far. Imagine if Michael Jordan instead of playing basketball tried to focus on improving his game in baseball, how far you think he would have gone, or imagine David Beckham trying to be a goal keeper, I believe both would have become terrible, simply because that is not their strength.

To be categorize as a bold leader you should work with your team members on their strength rather than trying to overcome their weakness.

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