Build a Winning Team

Success in home based business or network marketing business is completely on the basis of a team work. Your ability to assemble and lead a high-performance team of motivated individuals is one of the keys to your value and effectiveness as a team leader at every stage in your business.

An extensive study has been done to identify the characteristics of winning team. Today we know more about how we can assemble a winning team than ever before.

Just as you use a recipe to prepare a dish in kitchen, a specific recipe has been proven to work in building a high performance, self-directed work team. When you apply this recipe-these ideas and principles-on a regular basis, until they become habitual and automatic, you will get far greater results from your people than you ever imagined possible.

There are five characteristics common in any or all winning teams.

Shared goals

In a home based business environment you need to create smoothly functioning team, where everyone is clear about what the team is expected to accomplish. The goals of the team are shared and discussed by everyone. Each team member gives his or her ideas and input into how the goals and objectives can be best achieved.

What does a Shared Goal look like?

An effective team goal is SMART. The goal describes a Specific outcome as clearly defined, and unambiguous as possible. We know when we've reached the goal because it is Measureable. Our metrics tell us when we've arrived at success. We will arrive because the goal is Achievable. We have the skills, knowledge and resources to accomplish it. The goal is Relevant to the larger mission of the organization. It's also timely and can be accomplished reasonably in the intended timeframe.

Shared Values

Home based business or network marketing can only be built on shared values. It is built on the values of passion, honesty, trust, integrity, punctuality, boldness, open-communication, responsibility for completing the task, and assisting each other in accomplishing their goals.

Shared Plans

In home based business your success depends upon the success of other team members in your group. You need to encourage and ensure each member in your group is willing to take the charge of their business. They should be willing to accept responsibility for completing the task given to them.

Note: if the person is committed but not ready to take the charge, do not force that person to take on the responsibility. If you try to push other members of your team, chances are these persons will quit. You are building a team of volunteers, so be respectful of others ability and competency.

Clear Leadership

There must always be a leader in any team. Leaders are fundamental to highly effective teams because they set the vision and they bring the team together. Leadership position is not just because of some artificial authority, but because the team recognizes that without their leadership, the team would not be the same, and might not even exist. When you start home based business or network marketing, you are the leader for your team and you must take charge of your business.

The leader sets an example for the others. The leader becomes the role model. The success of a team member is of utmost importance to the leader, even when leader's attention is diverted. Jealousy and envy is never part of the equation. In a highly effective team, the leader is proud of each team member's accomplishments, just like a parent would be.

Bring Team Together

One of the most important things you do in building a peak performance unit is to hold regular team meetings. Bring your people together weekly, at a fixed time, to talk, discuss, catch up on progress, learn how each of the associate is doing, provide training, share ideas, opinions, and other insights with regards to the business.

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