MLM Global Domains International

What is Global Domains International?
Global Domains International also known as GDI is the worldwide registry for all domain names. Other domain names can also be registered via GDI however prices varies. Its product is an incredible $10 per month package that includes your own domain name, hosting and up to 10 custom email accounts. If you are not professional or have no website building skills, there is an easy to use website builder to guide you along in building your own website. GDI has an inbuilt affiliate program which you can use to make extra income online. There is no extra charges other than your own domain name. If you are into making money with GDI but you are not interested in making your own website, you can simply use the domain forwarding function to forward your domain name to any website you desire. Example if you have a Facebook page, you can forward your domain there so whenever someone types and goes to your domain, he will be redirected to your Facebook page.

Is GDI a Trusted Company?
This wonderful company has been around the world for years. Over 10 years in service. Thousands of people are using this great service to make their own website and at the same time make an extra income on top of whatever they are doing.

Making Money With GDI
GDI follows a very simple system where you can make money. As a member, you earn $1 per month per person who signs up via your 5 level network. You can and will earn up to infinity levels deep after you have passed a certain criteria. Apart from this 5 level network, there are also other methods that GDI will pay you. The first is, you will get paid an extra $100 for every 5 person you personally signs up in one week. In one week, if you refer 25 new paid members, you will earn an extra $500 on top of your 5 level commissions. Second extraordinary method that GDI pays you is, if you are extremely hardworking and managed to get 1000 new paid members in one month, you will get an extra $5000 on top of your other commissions!

In summary, GDI is a great vehicle for any individual to make extra income on whatever they are doing. GDI has great support team that is available 24/7, it can be accessed via your own home and it is very cheap to get started. GDI cost at only $10 per month. If you are looking for a great way to make extra income, I will personally advice you to be a part of the GDI team today. GDI is the best MLM company that has ever existed in the world. It is the best network marketing and moneymaking opportunity on the internet.


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