Ted Nuyten Guru

Ted Nuyten's feats in the world of direct selling and online marketing make this Dutchman well deserving of a guru review. Founder of the Business for Home website which helps entrepreneurs all over the world develop winning online marketing strategies Nuyten has earned kudos from top direct sales earners like Mike Dillard, Ken Porter and Tom Wood. So what drives more than 1.5 million unique visitors to Nuyten's website every year? Let's take a look.

About the Guru

Ted Nuyten has a corporate track record in direct sales and internet marketing that is admittedly impressive. Nuyten has worked for the likes of Dell, Siemens, Verizon and IBM specializing in international business development. He says his goal today is to spread the wealth and to lead top earners in direct sales and MLM network marketing to achieve the kind of traffic generation he has seen over the years. No doubt his other goal is to make big money from his site, and judging by the cost of placing an ad on his site, it won't be long before he hits the big time.

About Business from Home

Nuyten founded the Business from Home website to provide MLM news and facts to both new and seasoned network marketers. Access to the website gives network marketers:

* More than 8,000 knowledgebase articles from top earners

* The opportunity to submit their own articles to the website (which draws 1.5 visitors each year)

* Online support

Network marketers can subscribe for three months or for a lifetime for no more than $77. The Business from Home website boasts that 8,000 plus top earners and 350 companies as subscribers.

Helping Marketers Optimize Their Website

Nuyten has a program to help network marketers optimize traffic to their own websites called, "Helping You Make Money Online Fast." The cost to subscribe to this resource is under nine-dollars per month. Nuyten says nearly all of the tips and strategies he gives subscribers are free and cost nothing to implement on their own websites.
About the Resources

The program is step-by-step and tailored to each marketer's specific niche. One of the features of Nuyten's program is that it doesn't require marketers to come-in with a lot of technical skill. He says that if a subscriber is able to download Microsoft Word, they can figure out his traffic generation strategies and systems. Nuyten say that subscribers will learn the following::

* How to build a website around a business

* How to attract loyal fans and customers

* How to use a professional website as leverage

* How to make your business global and open 24/7

* Best practices for making money fast


We've tested his paid subscription and compared it to his free subs. Although it's only a small cost we do have a question regarding the value of the paid version. But as always you'll have to check into the subscription services on your own to conclude whether they would be a cost or a benefit to you. At the very least you should sign up for his free email service.

It appears as though Nuyten's online marketing resources are among some of the least expensive on the market right now.

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  1. Mr. Nuyten,
    Back in January you conned me into paying you $15.00 to obtain outdated and almost useless information from your web site.
    I almost immediately requested that you dis-enroll me.
    To my dismay I have found that you have once again stolen money from my account.
    If a refund is not charged back to my card within 48 hours I shall endeavor to make sure that you and your firm spend several hundred dollars in time and effort defending your actions.
    I am retired and have a lot of time on my hands.
    Annoying you and seeking my refund can become my new hobby.