A Different Look at Herbalife

Are you looking for a fair and balanced Herbalife review? If so find out for yourself the history of Herbalife before you join.

Mark Hughes founded Herbalife in 1980 but Mark met an untimely death just before he turned forty five. Sad to say it, but despite his supposed commitment to health, he died a drug addict and alcoholic. Just like his Mum. Oh the irony of it all.

I met Mark Hughes more than a decade earlier. In fact I still have his autograph on a photo of my newly born son Damien. Bit if a collector's item. Then, Mark was vibrant, charismatic - and gorgeous. What happened to him? Who knows, but it seems he was somehow drawn to repeat the mistakes of his drug addled mother, despite his constant vow to change the world through good nutrition.

Herbalife has been trading for thirty one years. When Mark Hughes started the company he had just one product, called Formula 1, which is a meal replacement protein drink. From that original product, the company has developed an entire range of health and weight loss products. Despite challenges over the years, not the least of which was the untimely passing of their founder, the company has continued to grow. Last year's sales eclipsed $3 billion.

Doing Business With Herbalife
To join Herbalife as a rep or distributor, purchase a starter kit which includes some product. From that point you will be encouraged to become a committed user of the full product line.

In order to receive commissions there is a minimum quantity of business you need to produce to be considered active.

Ways to Grow Your Herbalife Business
The key to success in MLM is to build a big network. Personal product sales are important and with a profit margin of 25 - 50% you can generate handy short term income. But the way to make the big money is to build a large team that in turn repeats the process. You can earn an overrider commission on the sales of your team members which can in time grow into a significant income.

To get started you'll need at least $200. You can also invest in additional tools and products to fast track your progress.

Although most people make little or nothing from their involvement with Herbalife it is a fact that thousands of people have had their lives transformed by the experience.

Promoting is everything for all businesses nowadays. You do it to generate the leads which in turn translates to sales and new recruits. Herbalife is no exception. Learning how to promote the products and the business will be key to your success.

Herbalife is a significant company with a long track record. The good news is that new people who join can still make money, providing they commit to building the business for at least 2 years.

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