The Secret of Successful Advertising

Advertising is the lifeline of any business or organization. You may have the greatest product and the most amazing website but without advertising no-one will ever see it. In this article I will teach you the secrets of successful advertising.

Quality VS Quantity

Websites offering advertising services can easily be found all over the Internet and they all claim to be professional marketing services that can send thousands of prospects to your website. While this sounds attractive you must realize that the quality of the traffic may not be as good as the website claims. I've seen websites offering me 10,000 views to my Facebook and YouTube pages for only $10, and when I tried them I have not had any benefit from them. I can only conclude that it is very poor traffic.

There are some good free advertising services that require some work on your part. However it usually turns out that the other members have joined to either get free stuff or to get free advertising to their own websites. Therefore they are not the type of person who is willing to buy from you. These websites have thousands of members and your website could be viewed thousands of times, but if you are selling something on that website you will be lucky to get any sales.

Some advertising companies offer targeted and non-targeted visitors to your website. Targeted visitors are ones that are actually interested in your type of product while non-targeted visitors are ones that may or may not be interested. A company might offer the choice of 10,000 non-targeted visitors or 5000 targeted visitors for the same price. The offer of twice as many visitors for your money may sound like the best choice but it could turn out that only a small percentage of them actually purchase your product.

In this case you would have been better off purchasing the targeted visitors campaign. Although this means less people see your website it also means that you are more likely to get sales.

I recommend you avoid any website that offers Guaranteed Sign Ups which usually require that your website allows prospects to sign up for a free or trial product or service. You will get the sign ups they promised but they could be people from poor countries who have been offered pennies to sign up for any free offers they receive. If these prospects are only interested in entering their details in order to be paid then they are not likely to purchase anything from you.

Tips for Successful Advertising

Before you advertise with any company you should take the time to read everything on the website and see where your visitors are coming from. Type the company's name into Google and see what other people say about them. You can read a lot of useful information about various companies on forums which will help you to decide whether to try them or not.

Each time a different person visits your website it is counted as a unique hit. Use a tracking tool so you can see if a company is providing you with unique hits. A good advertising service should offer you a lot of different visitors rather than the same people re-visiting your website again and again.

Use an autoresponder tool and set up two mailing lists. One list offers something for free such as a report while the other list is for people who are interested in purchasing your products.

Social Networking websites and forums are good advertising resources but don't promote to the other members directly. Ask their permission to send them some information or offer them a free report.

When you write a text advert, don't fill it with lots of hype as people tend to hate that these days. Also keep it short and to the point. The main purpose of a text ad is to get people to click on your link and visit the main website. When people read their email they are not usually interested in reading a load of hyped up sales pitch. Focus on a couple of short paragraphs to explain what you are offering them and ask them to visit your website for more information. Many people are keen to finish reading their email so they can get on with other tasks. They will probably bookmark your website for later.

Include contacts details so people can contact you with questions. A good idea would be to direct people to a page that is all about you. On this page you can provide general information about yourself along with contact details and a photo. Branding yourself is important and helps build trust. People can be wary about who they buy from.

Focus on getting people on your mailing list. This way you can contact them with other offers for free. You can do this by using an autoresponder tool such as Trafficwave. Use a splash page that offers free information in exchange for the prospect's details. Remember that the prospect might not be looking to buy anything at that moment but the free information may encourage them to do later.

Using an autoresponder tool, create a campaign of between 7-10 follow up letters. It usually takes this many emails to encourage the prospect to buy something.

Offline advertising can work quite well too. Get some business cards printed and leave them in various places such as dentists, doctors, on the bus or at work. Get a banner promoting your website and stick it on the back window or bumper of your car. Print a few flyers and post them through doors.

If a company provides you with quality traffic but you don't get many subscribers then try changing your advertising campaign. Try a different headline for example.

Set yourself an advertising budget and stick to it. People often make the mistake of throwing money at different companies only to find themselves with huge credit card bills they can't pay.

Use a decent URL Submission program such as "All in One Submission" which is the one I use and recommend. This will post your URL to thousands of directories which will greatly improve your rankings in the search engines. Use as many keywords you can think of to describe your product.

Article Marketing is a great method of advertising. I recommend you purchase the EzineArticles Marketing Course as this contains a lot of value information and is well worth the investment.

Bookmark any advertising companies you have had success with. This way you have a ready-made list of marketing resources to promote your next product with.


The most import thing to remember is to track your ads and use an autoresponder to build a list. I personally recommend Trafficwave and Global NPN for this and you can find them on my website.

Dean Sharples is a dedicated writer and programmer who helps newbies make money working from home. You can read more of his guides at Home Business School


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